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Plasma pen or Perfect Touch is our newest machine that harnesses the power of plasma,fourth state matter (Solid ,Liquid,Gas,Plasma) ,to help reduce or eliminate certain skin conditions and ...more
Almost any area can be treated it is not a hard procedure to perform but it is time consuming and does require professional training and skin knowledge. There are not that many classes out there as of ...more
FIBROBLASTThis treatment is fairly new here in the US but has been practiced in Europa with great success to treat wrinkles and saggy skin.Advantages of the treatment is that this is a ...more
Here we are again 2018 NASN this time with new exciting vendors and a New location in Boynton Beach FL this is a fantastic event with products and speakers and really worth going to, the event takes ...more
There is a difference between skin care and skin care. It is not the price of a product that matters it is what is in it . Many products only have 1 or 2 active ingredients the rest is fillers and ...more
Educate your selfElevate to higher standardsExpand to new horizonsLena Jarborg and Marcela Alzate-Rios at Karen HodgesMorning Glory studio in Fort Myers FL . ...more
Plant stem cells does not work as Human adipose-derived stem cells. So do not waist your money. Micro needling treatments with (ADSC) cost more than regular facial treatments but it is ...more
As we age our skin lose density and thickness and we start to develop fine lines and deeper wrinkles.Studies show that over a time of 10 years we lose approximately 10% Keratinocytes which leads to ...more
This will spear us all many phone calls from worried clients. I docent matter how many time you explain the healing process to your clients or how many pieces of paper you print with after care ...more
Soft shading is the new technique in the permanent make-up world, soft shade is light, natural and like sketching. The pigment is sketched in to the hairs of the brow line or on to the lips which ...more